Struggling to deal with your highly sensitive child's challenging behaviour?

Let’s put connected parenting into practice with your child and teen, with specific strategies to support you one-to-one in your personal parenting journey.

Even the best parents need support with their children at times.

Let’s face it, when you’re constantly tending to everyone else’s needs, it’s hard to tend to your own. You’re tired, frustrated and yearn to be the calm, confident leader for your strong-willed child, but you find yourself losing your patience and yelling in an effort to try and control them instead.

I’ve been there, too.

Many of the families I work with tell me they’re at their wits end with their child’s intense outbursts, disrespectful behaviour, lack of cooperation and listening–and they’d do anything to make home-life calmer and parenting enjoyable again.

They feel lost, alone and like they’re failing their kids because they go from micro-managing their child one minute to being passively permissive the next because they’re emotionally tapped out and don’t know what to do.

They crave consistency, confidence and a connected parenting approach that allows them to move quickly from conflict to connection so they can strengthen the bond with their child and become the calm, capable parent they envision themselves being.

If you want help breaking the cycle of yelling, feeling bad, trying to be patient and then yelling again so you can cultivate a healthy, loving relationship with your child (and enjoy each stage of their development), reheat that morning coffee, Mama. You’re in the right place.

Connected Parenting Coaching is best suited for parents of toddlers to teenagers who:

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“I’m amazed at how quickly she responded to the techniques.”

“Since our session, I’ve been able to calmly and respectfully handle any outburst and do so in a way that strengthens the connection with my daughter and gives her the skills to cope in a much healthier way. I’m also amazed by how quickly my child responded to the techniques Colleen gave me and she seems happier as I’m sure she senses I’m not as agitated or stressed. I’m so grateful for Colleen’s kind, non-judgmental support as it’s given me the confidence to trust my intuition and do what I know is best for my child and surrender the mainstream advice that doesn’t serve me or my family.”

~ Krista Bauer, Mom of 4yo and 2yo

What you get with my connection-based parenting approach:

Some of the challenges/concerns we can work through together:

How It Works:

Once you choose from the options below and complete your payment, you receive a confirmation and my booking page where you can pick a time that works.

You then are prompted to fill out a short questionnaire so I can better understand your needs before we meet via Zoom Video.

You also receive an appointment reminder 24-hours before your session.


Coaching Options

Connected Parenting Coaching Single Session

Perfect for parents who want to laser focus and find connection-based parenting solutions for your most pressing challenge.

$95 CDN

Connected Parenting Coaching Package

Perfect for parents who want new connected parenting strategies + support  to practice them to help build lasting consistency and confidence in your approach, or want support with their emotional triggers as they practice their connected parenting.

$325 CDN

"Learn to Work With Your Triggers" Coaching

For parents who find that they’re easily triggered by their kids and would like to learn practices to bring their awareness back into their body and track their sensations–ultimately aimed at improving their ability to stay present and calmer when their kids’ behavior triggers them.

This package, unlike the others above, is focused primarily on supporting you to track your inner sensations (a somatic practice) more so than coaching and giving you strategies, although if you need some help with strategies, we’ll always take time for that. 

This package is designed for you if you’re seeking:

  • To be the calm parent who can hold your child’s or teen’s big feelings,
  • Less yelling, anxiety and fighting; more peaceful, loving moments,
  • To enjoy parenting and the connection you have with your child.

Many parents who struggle with getting easily triggered aren’t aware that you need to work on building your capacity to make more permanent changes in your ability to stay calm. The secret to building a lasting ability to be less reactive is to train your nervous system to stay calmer in the face of triggers (big emotions)–not to get rid of triggers. That’s impossible.

It’s like going swimming in cold water. You dip your toes in first, then as you get used to the temperature, you’re able to tolerate inching in a bit further until you’re all the way in. It’s the same with getting used to our uncomfortable emotions and how they feel in our body. You can build your capacity to stay present with them.

Learning to track your sensations and stay more grounded and present in your body is a skill that strengthens over time with practice, and having someone who’s regulated present with you as you practice–especially at the beginning– can help you level up your capacity and your ability to stay calmer.

I’m really passionate about helping parents make this type of change, because when they work on changing at the somatic level, so many other challenges start to become easier (e.g., setting limits, getting your child to calm and/or cooperate, setting boundaries). That’s because you’re more present in your body–you can feel it when you need to set a boundary. Less thinking, more just knowing.

What’s more, as you practice and improve your ability to stay calm, your kids learn from your example. The changes often result in a more peaceful parent-child relationship and home environment in general.

These sessions help you to learn the skill of tracking your sensations; the changes in your ability to stay calm with your kids begin to happen as you practice them over time.

“I really appreciate the way Colleen held a gentle space for me to share my specific parenting challenges. I felt heard and empathized with, and she taught me how to track my body’s sensations to a recent triggering event. Feeling my feelings can sometimes feel very boring and painful, so it was really helpful to have Colleen hold this space for me. She was very gentle and respectful in checking in with me and I was so, so happy to finally feel this last layer of feeling sunshine joy, which I haven’t felt in quite a while. Being able to unwind my painful feelings to reconnect with my joy again gives me this reassurance that I can stay with my painful triggers during similar parenting challenges and get back to this joyful state again. I highly recommend Colleen’s private coaching for fellow parents who understand the importance of feeling their feelings, especially during emotionally charged situations, so they can stay grounded and be empathetic for their children”.
~Bingz Huang, Mom of 3 boys, Singapore

$160 CAD per month

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"There’s relief in understanding why behaviors are happening and getting clear strategies."

“I’m so grateful to Colleen. It’s been really helpful to talk through parenting struggles with her as she brings such a depth of understanding of child development, brain science, and attachment; as well as so much personal experience. There’s a lot of compassion there, and it’s so important. Sometimes, I just feel lost or alone, and after talking to Colleen, there’s such a relief in knowing why certain behaviors are happening, and that there are clear tangible strategies for building trust and that my parenting troubles are not unique. Thank you so much Colleen!!”


Hi, I'm Colleen

I’m passionate about helping parents who feel like they’re running out of options for how to deal with their sensitive child’s challenging behaviors, so they can use connection to bring the joy back into parenting.

I know, through my experience of parenting a son and stepson, that when you’re disconnected from your sensitive, spirited child, you feel it, and everything is harder. You blame yourself for the conflict and chaos because you see other parents seemingly managing easily, but connected parenting really is harder if your child is sensitive and spirited, especially if you were raised in an authoritarian home. (“They just don’t listen!”)

Connecting with them takes a new set of skills, and because your sensitive, spirited child needs connection as much as they need air to breathe, learning to connect can bring back the peacefulness you’re craving.

I want the parents I work with to feel the calm, supportive presence of someone who’s been where they are, and knows what it’s like to repair a relationship and build connection from the bottom up.

Because underneath the busy-ness of life and everyday responsibilities, it’s connection that we and our kids are deeply longing for.

You can read more about me and my professional trainings here.

“Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”

~ Brené Brown


I work with parents of kids and teens, preschool age through the teen years.

It’s never too late. Any steps you take towards connecting can rebuild the bridge between you and your teen.. I’ve also had parents tell me that using the connected strategies they’ve learned with their young adult children has helped repair a fractured relationship.

Many parents say they see some changes quickly, after even just one session. When you know some connected parenting techniques to use and you’re calmer yourself, that’s often a catalyst for your child’s behaviour to change.

And while I’d never promise everything will be completely calm, connected and “rosy” after a session or two, (I do have integrity, and it’s individual)–I know with certainty that using connected parenting practices and leveling up your self-awareness (and healing if necessary) make it possible to have a stronger bond with your child.

Your child or teen never wants to be “floundering” without an anchor–they’re always seeking unconditional love and connection. Connected parenting helps you be that anchor for them.

Yes, your partner can attend the calls. In fact, it’s helpful if both parents (and other guardians or stepparents, if possible) are aligned and using the same approach, but it’s not essential.

This is common, and it’s still possible to use connected parenting, even if your partner isn’t willing to participate. First, children can feel it when you’re responding to them with connection and unconditional love, so it can rebuild your connection with your child or teen and ease conflict and chaos, even if you’re the only one doing it. Secondly, many parents are surprised and happy to discover that the connecting skills they’ve learned also help them in their spousal (and other) relationships.

Connected parenting strategies can strengthen the bond with your child and complement the recommended parenting approach for your child’s specific needs. At its core, connected parenting embodies unconditional love, understanding of the child’s perspective and needs, and respect for those. If your child has some specific needs related to their diagnosis, we meld those with a connected parenting approach.

If you’re child’s diagnosis means that you’re also struggling to be patient and stay calm with your child, I can also provide support and strategies to help you build your capacity for staying calm.

"[My daughter's] getting better at calming herself and she’s gaining confidence."

“I came to Colleen for help because my sensitive daughter was being so hard on herself. She was anxious, having meltdowns at school, and frequently judging her looks and comparing herself to her friends. I did a coaching package with Colleen, and I noticed changes even after the first session. I’ve gotten better at identifying my daughter’s needs and knowing how to respond differently. As a result, she’s getting better at calming herself and she’s gaining confidence. Our sessions also helped me fine-tune my approach for speaking with her teachers which has helped me to successfully advocate for her and ensure she gets her needs met. I’ve been excited because my child has been coming to me and sharing her feelings more than she did before, and I’m feeling more connected to her.”

~ M.B. Mom of 5yo and 2yo

Ready to become the calm, capable parent you’ve always wanted to be?