2-Week Online Course

Raising Confident Kids:

Help Your Child Develop Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

We all want our kids to have good self-esteem and the ability to form and keep healthy relationships.

We want them to have the self-confidence to be successful in school and social situations, and to be “themselves” despite peer pressure.

So it’s painful to watch them begin to judge themselves, use self-hate language, or feel too anxious to confidently make friends at school or camp—especially when their gifts and strengths are so obvious to us.

And if you’ve ever tried to reassure your child who’s being hard on themselves that what they’re saying isn’t true (“But sweetie, your curly hair is beautiful!), I don’t have to tell you that it never works. They don’t believe you, and often become even more upset when you’ve disagreed with them.

Your child’s sensitivity and low self-esteem behaviours aren’t flaws; they’re communication. I can help you understand what they mean.

Practical strategies for self-esteem issues

My 2 week online course, Raising Confident Kids: Help Your Kids Develop Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence, was designed to give you concrete strategies to help your child who is struggling with one or more of these issues:

Sometimes they may even refuse to talk with you about their emotional outbursts after the fact, making it difficult for you to know how to help them learn coping strategies for the future.

In my course, you’ll learn:

  • How self-esteem develops – a beginning understanding
  • Where the harsh, self-critical language comes from – knowing where the behaviour comes from and understanding why they do it helps us know what to do differently to change it.
  • Scripts and substitute phrases:
    • To respond to your child’s harsh judgmental or self-hate talk in a way that comforts them and begins to turn the situation around
    • To help your child learn perseverance when they are too anxious to try something new or want to quit.
  • Concrete, simple practices to build “real” self-esteem, that you can use regularly, anytime, anywhere. I’m talking about the kind of quiet self-confidence that comes from trusting yourself, not a superficial confidence or bravado in which kids use their power over others because they’re insecure.
  • Strategies and tips to help your child build social skills for school. Let’s face it. School, new teachers and peer groups–they’re almost always anxiety-producing for all kids, but especially for our sensitive kids who feel everything.
  • You’ll also receive a copy of my e-book, Freeing Your Child from Self-Criticism and Perfectionism.

My course provides solid, simple practices that you can use regularly to help nurture your child's self-esteem and self-confidence.

Kids’ with self-confidence have an advantage in life

I know how worrisome it is to see your child showing signs of low self-esteem. I’ve been there. And we know that kids with a strong self-esteem and self-confidence fare so much better in school, relationships, and in their work life once they become adults. 

The research is clear that relationships of all types are harder when kids are in a high state of anxiety, fear, shame or guilt.

Understanding why a child behaves in a certain way helps us identify the root cause and the child’s need. From there, we can create practical strategies to meet their needs and support them to gain confidence in themselves.

“I came to Colleen for help with my child’s self-criticism and learning to regulate herself. After doing some sessions with Colleen, I feel more confident and have the skills to use in these situations. I know what to say to help her calm when she's comparing herself, and have new skills for identifying what she needs. As a result, she’s getting better at regulating herself with my support. Our sessions also helped me fine-tune my approach for speaking with her teachers which has helped me to successfully advocate for her and ensure she gets her needs met. I’ve been excited because my child has been coming to me and sharing her feelings more than she did before, and I’m feeling more connected to her.”

— MB, Mom of 5yo and 2yo

Who is the course for?

My course will be a good fit for you if you’re the parent of a sensitive child who’s struggling with self-esteem and self-confidence, and:

Course Details

Online Course

Next offered in 2023

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Regular Price: $50 CAD
  • 2 – 90 min online classes with content and time for Q&A
    • Thursdays at 12:30PST,  November 5th and 12th
  • The calls are on Zoom and will be recorded
  • You’ll receive a digital copy of my book, Freeing Your Child from Self-Criticism and Perfectionism

If you have more questions, please email me at colleen@colleenadrian.com

about colleen adrian

Why learn from me?

I’m a parent mentor, author, and speaker. I’m a mom and a stepmom. I have a Masters degree in Nursing, and I switched careers to researching and writing about parenting after I had my son in 2003.

I’m passionate about supporting kids to have the courage to be themselves and express their unique gifts rather than conforming to peer and social pressures.

Our world *needs* more of these authentic, heart-centered humans.

My book, Freeing Your Child from Self-Criticism and Perfectionism (2018), is based on my research and experience of gaining insight to my own self-criticism and perfectionism. I learned what I had to change about my parenting style to stop the intergenerational patterns of shame, blame and perfectionism. I’ve drawn on current research and literature in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, trauma, spirituality, and the 8 shields model to create a unique perspective in my courses and book.

I’ve offered this course over the past 2 years as a live in-person workshop for parent groups; this is the first time I’m offering it online. I’d love for you to join us!


Yes. All participants will receive a recording of the live class within 24hr.

Yes! You’ll receive the link to download it as soon as you register. You can start reading right away, but it’s not required prior to attending classes.

If you have more questions, please email me at colleen@colleenadrian.com

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