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Hi! I’m Colleen, and I help parents of self-critical kids learn practices to raise self-confident kids.

why you're here

You have a child who:

  • Is self-critical or gives up easily
  • Is anxious and reluctant to try new activities
  • Has low self-esteem
take action

Would you like:

  • To know what to say to your child when she self-criticizes
  • To learn parenting practices that will reduce or stop/prevent the self-criticism, and build self-confidence
  • The answer to that burning question: “Just exactly how do parents of confident kids do it? What are they doing that teaches their kids to be confident in themselves?”

If you want clarity and confidence about what parenting strategies will create self-assurance in your kids, and to feel hopeful that you really can turn this around--then you’re in the right place!

new parenting book

Freeing Your Child From Self-Criticism and Perfectionism

Learn the practices you can start using now, to help your children of any age begin transforming their self-criticism into self-confidence. For parents of children of all ages—preschool through adult!