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How to Help Kids Regulate Themselves for Learning

Photo Credit:  Rafael Ben-Ari – New Zealand In the last blogpost, I talked about how important it is to be able to regulate ourselves as parents (or teachers), because our children learn to self-regulate through interactions with parents/teachers/caregivers whose nervous systems are balanced. In this post, I’ll share how nervous system regulation affects learning. We often believe …

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Ending Self-Criticism, Building Self-Confidence – FREE presentation

A reminder that this free presentation is coming up this Tuesday evening at 7:30pm. Also, I’ve had a few phone calls this week asking if registration is required. It is not, however, I’d love to know if you’re coming so that I know approximately how many handouts to print. If you haven’t already called me, can …

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Motivating Kids at School

It’s that time of year again–parent-teacher interviews, soon to be followed by report cards.  Traditional (public and most private) education programs use standard evaluations to measure students’ learning and assign grades. But if your children’s greatest gifts and abilities aren’t seen and reflected in those evaluations, they’ll almost certainly disengage and become unmotivated, or at the …

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Victoria Parents – New School

Victoria Parents and Educators – There’s a new school opening this fall in the Greater Victoria area. There’s an information session on Sunday, and I wanted you to be first to know in case it’s something you or your friends/colleagues might be interested in. The vision is to create an education system that honors our children’s …

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