4-Week Course

How to Teach Your Child to Calm and Self-Regulate

Learn Practical Strategies that Directly Affect the Nervous System

For parents, caregivers or teachers of sensitive 4 - 11 year olds, do you:

  • Worry when your child has intense emotional outbursts?
  • Wish you could do more to help your child learn to manage emotions?
  • Feel frustrated with your child when he has an outburst?
  • Feel as if you’re running out of ideas for how to help your child calm down?

Would you like some new strategies you can use to help your child learn how to manage his or her behaviour?

This 4-week course was created to help you solve these challenges:

  • You have a sensitive, emotionally intense child, and sometimes when he has big outbursts you’re at a loss for how to help him
  • You can’t tell what your child needs when these big outbursts happen
  • You feel bad for your child when you can’t soothe him
  • You’re worried about the impact on siblings or the rest of the family
  • Sometimes you get frustrated with your child, and then feel bad later because you know that doesn’t help. But it’s hard.
  • You may even be worried that you caused this because you’ve been too lenient with your child.

Through our work together in this workshop, you:

  • Learn how to help kids calm down when emotionally upset, and how to teach them these skills
  • Learn why many traditional strategies don’t work & why these new strategies create lasting change
  • Feel calmer when your child is upset because you understand what’s happening in her brain and nervous system
  • Feel confident when your kids are upset because you have several practical strategies in your toolkit that can directly affect the nervous system

In this course, you receive:

4 x 90 minute sessions

Including theory, practices to use at home, plus an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback about your individual situation


Over 30 strategies and games you can use to help calm your child’s (and sometimes your own) nervous system

Course Availability

Choose whether you want the In-Person course or Online course.

Salt Spring Island Public Library


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  • SATURDAYS From 10:30 to 11:45am, February 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th.  SOLD OUT
  • PRE-REGISTRATION required. To register, or for more information, contact: colleen@colleenadrian.com


April, 2020
Registration opens March 2020

All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

"I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from Colleen's Parenting workshop. It was so reassuring to have her expert guidance and appreciated her ability to adapt the material to each family's unique situation. I found it immensely helpful to listen other parents' stories and hear Colleen's perspective because I know some of those situations will likely come up for us in the future. I feel more confident and prepared to navigate the teen years because of Colleen's instruction."

— Carmen Spagnola, Intuitive Coach at Sacred Made Simple

Overview of Course

Week 1
  • Simple scientific explanation to help understand what’s going on in the physiology of the brain during emotional tantrums. This is invaluable in helping you to know how to approach the behavior
  • Co-regulation – what it is, and why it’s vital to calming your child
  • Practices to take home and use
Week 2
  • Parent triggers – how to recognize your own physiological responses, and strategies for resourcing
  • Practices to take home and use
Week 3
  • Discussion and physiology of anger
  • Discussion and practices for home use
Week 4
  • Why is it hard to use these strategies on some days, and what you can do about it
  • Discussion and practices for home use

“I learned so many new and interesting things about the neuroscience behind healthy parenting when I attended an earlier 2hr version of this workshop. I learned about why you have to be in a good space in order to be helpful to your children, you can only share what you have, not what you don’t have— this is called co-regulation. I learned the science behind why it felt so wonderful when my mother stroked my forehead. There’s a lot of material covered in this workshop on the psychology of attachment parenting and Colleen’s dedication to following the recent discoveries in neuroscience means that you are getting very current perspectives. I highly recommend this workshop, and I may even attend the next one as she’s changed the format to a 4 week workshop to give enough time to do justice to all she has to share.”

— Nomi Adamson, passionate mother (of 2 sons) and Mother Goose facilitator
about colleen adrian

Why learn from me?

I’ve been researching, writing and teaching workshops about parenting for over 10 years now. When I learned about nervous system regulation and how it impacts behaviour, it was a gamechanger for me as a parent, and also for the clients whom I work with and teach. I’ve been studying nervous system regulation and applying it to my own parenting for the past 3 years, as well as teaching it to others. I’ve used many of the practices I teach in this course with success, as have parents I’ve shared them with.

The information and practices in this course work because they can impact your child’s (and your) nervous system. Approaching your child’s emotional outbursts through nervous system regulation and connection is the most effective way to get to the root cause and create lasting changes. This is true for all, but especially if you have some trauma in your own background.

We’ve known for a long time now that our children thrive best when we focus on meeting their needs rather than trying to stop their inappropriate behaviour. But we still often catch ourselves trying to change our kids’ behaviour without addressing their needs, because we haven’t known how to do it differently.

Nervous system regulation and Dr. Stephen Porges’ polyvagal theory are the keys to making this change. They’re the key to helping you and your child have success with managing emotions in your everyday life, complete with all of its stresses. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning the science. I’ve done the research, broken it down, and applied it to practical strategies.

If this course sounds like a good fit for you, I invite you to join me, bring your stories and challenges, and receive the distilled information and practical strategies I have to share.


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