How to Avoid Undermining Your Parenting Partner

Parents of sensitive spirited kids who want to avoid undermining your parenting partner—As you’re learning to use a connected parenting approach, but maybe your co-parent or partner wants to focus more on behavior or rewards/consequences and feels undermined when you use a connecting approach ➡️ I’ve got connected strategies for you! ✨✨❣️❣️ 🔥 Here are …

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Build Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Kids jumping and playing sports with a ball on the grass

One of the most regulating and affirming practices we can offer our child is to “see them and hear them”. It can build your child’s self-confidence and also calm them. Here’s why many parents struggle with this. We’re most capable of seeing and hearing our child when we have our own need to be seen …

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How to Break the Cycle of Shame with Your Child

Kids sitting against tree trunk sitting in fallen leaves

Shame is one of the most painful human feelings, and it tends to be passed from generation to generation. As a parent, the last thing you want is for your child experience the same shame pain you’ve experienced, so you want to know how to break the cycle of shame with your child. Your child’s …

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3 Reasons Why Teenagers Rebel

In this post, I’ll share 3 reasons why teenagers rebel, and what you can do about it. The teen years. Some parents start dreading this phase early on, when their kids are still toddlers and they experience the first inkling of their child resisting their guidance. For me, the worry that I may not always …

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How to Help Kids Who Are Too Hard on Themselves

boy hugging dog

It’s heartbreaking to watch kids who are too hard on themselves. Maybe your child compares themselves to others and feels they’re not good enough in some way (e.g., “I hate my curly hair!”, “I’m stupid”, “I’m terrible at math” or “nobody likes me”). Or perhaps they’re so anxious about performing poorly that they won’t try …

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I Feel Guilty After Yelling at My Child

“I feel guilty after yelling at my child” is a common experience. Every parent has felt this way at some time or another. And it’s normal to feel bad, because you have a conscience and want to do right by your kids. But it’s also normal to lose patience and yell sometimes–because you’re human! Your …

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You’re Feeling Guilty After Yelling at Your Child

When you’re feeling guilty after yelling at your child, here’s some tips to help you let go of the guilt and shame. It’s “normal” to feel bad after you’ve yelled or lost your patience with your child. That’s because you have a conscience and want to do right by your kids. But it’s also normal …

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Your Child Has a Tantrum: Don’t Focus First on Behaviour Change

Mom comforting child

When your child has a tantrum or you’re at your wits end because of their behaviour, it’s tempting to focus on their behaviour. But it’s important to do your best to stay calm and connect first (unless safety is an issue). (It’s not always possible when you’re triggered, but that’s another post. The point here …

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