All of my written work and offerings, educational and mentoring  –  represent my understandings and interpretations, at this point in time, based on my knowledge, observations, and personal research on:

  • Nervous system regulation and neuroscience
  • Connected parenting
  • Attachment theory
  • 8 shields model
  • Spirituality and consciousness
  • Human development

They’re also based on my personal experiences as a human being, a woman, a Mom, a Stepmom, and an RN and educator for over 30 years before I began writing about parenting.

All offerings and content on this website, including my written work, educational programs and mentoring, are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. They are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or psychological condition, and and they’re not intended to replace professional counseling or healing work with a qualified practitioner when needed.

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