Mentoring with Deep Insight

So You Can Be the Parent You Want to Be

Your parenting requires different kinds of support at different times.

Sometimes, all you need is an hour to get clarity, and a strategy or two to get unstuck and break out of an old pattern.

At other times, you want ongoing support for one or more issues. You want to dive deeply into your relationship with your child, and transform longstanding patterns.

mentoring sessions

Reserve a single sixty-minute session to gain new insights to a specific issue, and leave with practical strategies for transforming your situation.

Or, commit to three sessions over a four to six week period, with email support between calls, if you know that your connection with your child has been challenging for some time, and you recognize that the patterns in your family are more deeply entrenched, and maybe even stem from how your parents parented you.

1:1 intensive program

My 5-Week 1:1 Intensive Program, Mentoring for Raising Confident Kids, is designed for parents whose child struggles with self-criticism, and with the anxiety that goes along with perfectionistic tendencies.

You dive deeply into the reasons that patterns of perfectionism and self-criticism get passed from parent to child, and learn solid practices for how to transform it to self-acceptance and self-confidence—for yourself, your children and future generations.

If you’re ready and keen for fresh new perspectives and practices, let's get started!

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