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Raising Your Child to be Engaged, Authentic and Inspired



We all want our children to express themselves fully and authentically, and not  change who they are in an effort to please those around them. What are some small strategies we can use in our everyday interactions that nurture their confidence to express themselves without censoring or shaping it to gain approval of those around them? Check out today’s conscious parenting tips to find out!



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An Upcoming Event for Parents and Teachers in Victoria, BC

“The Neurological Impact of Technology and How We Can

Navigate Use at Home and at School”

Speaker:  Paul Mohapel

Presented by Arbutus Global Middle School


  • Do you notice young people having trouble concentrating for sustained periods of time?
  • Do they have trouble spending long periods of time without their screens?
  • Have you ever stopped and asked yourself about the impact of spending many hours on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or TV? How does it affect your young people’s brains and their ability to learn?

Please join us!

March 8, 2016

6.30pm, Arbutus Global Middle School



Donations kindly accepted from non-AGMS parents.

The session is intended to provoke thoughtful dialogue and more mindful approaches to using technology in the classroom and at home. Strategies to create more balanced and healthy interactions with technology will be explored. Topics covered include:

  • The impact of screens, gaming, and internet on the young person’s brain.
    • The myth and dangers of multitasking.
    • Technologically burnout syndrome & attention deficits.
    • The addictive properties of technology.
    • Technological impact on learning and social skills.
    • Promoting a more mindful approach in using technology in the classroom and at home.


Paul Mohapel is an educator at Royal Roads University with a doctorate in psychology/neuroscience.  He is an active leadership researcher having published over 30 academic articles in leadership and neuroscience.


Please feel free to share this information. We’d love to see a big turnout and dynamic discussion on the topic!