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Setting Limits With Your Highly Sensitive Child

Setting limits with your highly sensitive child can be hard. Often parents who are HSP and empathic, and grew up in authoritarian (or otherwise emotionally disconnected homes), have a hard time setting boundaries. This is especially true when they’re trying to learn connected parenting, and want to have a strong bond with their child.

I hear this, or something similar, from many parents:

“I have a hard time setting limits and boundaries. I had a painful childhood and I want my child’s life to be good, and I want to have a better relationship with them than I had with my parents.”

There’s lots of information available for why you *should set limits*, and how to do it. There’s very little on *why* we (sensitive empaths) have difficulty with this, and *how* to shift the pattern.

The lack of clarity and/or difficulty is often an indicator that you’re in the midst of trying to change.

Check out the video to hear my perspective and thoughts on how to help yourself move forward and get more clarity.