Teaching Boundaries is Essential for Your Child’s Safety

(Recovering) perfectionist parents may have difficulty teaching their kids to set boundaries because of their own tendency to people-please. But teaching boundaries is essential for your child’s safety, so that they gain the confidence to say, “No”. An important strategy you can use, starting when your child is very young, is to say “no” on …

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Learning Connected Parenting: How Long Does It Take?

I want to talk today about the length of time it can take to make changes when you’re first learning how to use connected parenting strategies–especially if you grew up in an authoritarian household, or you had a lot of disconnection or maybe trauma in your family background.  Maybe you look around sometimes and compare …

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Raising a Child Who Marches to the Beat of Their Own Drum

Colleen Adrian

When you raise your sensitive, spirited child to march to the beat of their own drum, be prepared that their drum rhythm will likely sometimes stretch you to outside of your comfort zone (and maybe even cause you anxiety). I’ve had glimpses of this experience throughout raising my son, but the waves of anxiety got …

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