I Feel Guilty After Yelling at My Child

“I feel guilty after yelling at my child” is a common experience. Every parent has felt this way at some time or another. And it’s normal to feel bad, because you have a conscience and want to do right by your kids. But it’s also normal to lose patience and yell sometimes–because you’re human! Your …

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Your Child Has a Tantrum: Don’t Focus First on Behaviour Change

Mom comforting child

When your child has a tantrum or you’re at your wits end because of their behaviour, it’s tempting to focus on their behaviour. But it’s important to do your best to stay calm and connect first (unless safety is an issue). (It’s not always possible when you’re triggered, but that’s another post. The point here …

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Your Teen Gets Irritated When You Approve: How to Stay Connected

mother and daughter smiling

It may come as a surprise when suddenly–your teen gets irritated when you approve of their decision. You thought they’d feel supported. Here’s why. I was listening to a parent tell a story about their teen recently, and their story reminded me that when your teen is going through a phase of separating from you, …

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How Are You Coping With Your Child’s Difficult Behaviour?

woman standing on a mountain; coping with your child’s difficult behaviour

When you have difficulty coping with your child’s difficult behaviour, sometimes you need to *level up* your ability to cope rather than expecting them to change. I realized that one day when my son was quite young. I was feeling irritated with him because he wasn’t cooperating, and I had a sudden “aha” moment realizing …

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Spirited Children March To The Beat of Their Own Drum

happy teen girl

Sensitive spirited children march to the beat of their own drum. They’re often more intense, respond intensely to having limits set, and may not cooperate easily. In this video I share suggestions  for building a cooperative and connected relationship.

Connected Parenting Spoils a Child: Correcting the Myth

Family in nature

Many people believe that connected parenting spoils a child, and that they end up being poorly behaved or unable to tolerate having limits set by parents and teachers.  I especially hear this from the older generation, who are watching some of the younger generation parents try to learn connected parenting. They see the kids “running …

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