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Fostering Motivation and Heart-Centered Living in Your Child

In this post, I explain how resistance can keep us feeling powerless and unclear (indecisive) about our heart-centered path. So when our children are resisting in interaction with us, it’s really important to have a look at how we can take a leadership role in shifting out of that pattern. Resistance keeps us stuck and interferes with our ability to live authentically and be in-the-flow in life, and there are parenting strategies we can use to minimize that learned habit in our children. Today I’ll share some tips for how to deal with resistance in a way that can change your child’s behaviour, but perhaps not in the way you expeCA.Podcast-2ct!






Cultivating Inner Motivation

How can we create an environment in which our children more readily stay connected to their inner motivation? And when they are resisting our guidance, what are some of the potential pitfalls of using rewards to motivate them?

Join Colleen as she shares stories and research on motivation and the pro’s and con’s of using rewards. This workshop will help you gain insight to the key parenting practices that can keep you trapped in the tiring and frustrating cycle of trying to motivate your unmotivated child, and will provide practical strategies for supporting your child to re-connect with his own inner motivation.

Workshop at the Making Tomorrow Conference, UVic, April 25, 2015

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