Individual Sessions

Transform your parent-child relationship

Individual Sessions are designed for parents like you who have had a fairly strong and connected relationship with your child, but have become stuck in one of the patterns below.

You want to explore what’s causing the conflict or worrisome behaviour, and gain strategies to transform your parent-child relationship, so that the behaviours begin to transform as well.

You struggle with:

Your child is anxious and/or self-critical
  • He criticizes himself verbally (e.g., “I’m so stupid” or “I’m a terrible skater!”)
  • He gives up on new skills/activities easily
  • He’s reluctant or refuses to try new activities
Your child is rebellious...

And pushes you away or won’t listen, and you’re worried about him

Your child is unmotivated
  • He wants to spend a lot of time online
  • It’s difficult to get him out the door to school or other activities, and when he gets there, he’s often disengaged

I imagine you might like:

  • Your child to have self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem—eager (or at least willing) to try new activities, persevere when things get difficult, and strong enough to say “no” to her peers when necessary
  • To feel connected with your child
  • To have your child listen, and be willing to follow your lead
  • To gain some insight to your child’s behaviour
  • Your child to be motivated and engaged in her life activities

1:1 mentoring sessions are a good fit for you if you’re looking for one or more of the following:

  • A place where someone listens, hears and understands the deep love you feel for your child, despite the fact that you get frustrated or feel afraid at times
  • Practices for building your child’s self-confidence and helping your unmotivated child to rediscover his spark
  • To learn how to reconnect with your child or teen who is pushing you away or is rebellious
  • To know what to say—that can lead your child to pause, or even look you in the eye and listen, rather than push you away
  • To learn practices for helping your child (or yourself) cope with intense emotions
  • Information that helps you to understand your child's resistance, his lack of motivation, or his self-criticism
  • A safe, non-judgmental place to bring your worries, fears, hopes and dreams for your child--and that you leave feeling relieved, with some clarity and solid strategies

After mentoring sessions, you'll have clarity, practical strategies, and hope and confidence that your situation can improve

You can have the relationship you desire with your child, and I’d love to support you if you feel ready.

Click below to book a free 30 minute session. I’m happy to answer any questions as you decide if this is a good fit for you.