90 min webinar

Learn to Work with Your Triggers: Practices to Help Parents React Less and Stay Calmer

Wednesday June 1, 2022, 12:30 to 2pm PDT
Free to attend, recording $20CAD

How would it feel to be able to react less and stay calmer with your sensitive, spirited kids during intense meltdowns, conflicts or other difficult situations?

Maybe you’d:

  • Feel relieved because you’re fighting less with your child?
  • Feel more confident and capable of helping your child with big emotions when they’re losing control?
  • Have fewer moments of regret?
  • Have a more peaceful home?

If you’ve been in a cycle of losing your patience and reacting to your child 

and then regretting it, 

and you’d like to learn some skills for calming yourself (or reacting less in the first place),

this webinar is for you.

The ability to stay calm is a practice that can be learned.

This webinar was created to provide tools and relief for these challenges:

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

This webinar is a good fit for you if you want:

  • Tools to use, in the moment, to help you get calm again after you’ve reacted
  • Regular practices you can use for improving your ability to stay calmer in difficult situations with your kids
  • To learn to learn how to connect more deeply with your child and guide them in challenging situations, rather than reacting.

Why learn from me?

Hi, I’m Colleen, and I’m a parent coach and author.

As a Mom, I’ve had plenty of moments of regret when I’d reacted to my spirited, sensitive child (and eventually teen) when he wouldn’t cooperate. However, I was determined to parent him differently than the authoritarian style I’d been raised with. I wanted to build the bond between us, not break it.

Eventually my search has led me to realize that learning to calm, regulate and connect to myself and my feelings was the key to connecting with my son and changing my parenting pattern. You can’t teach your kids something you can’t do yourself–I had to learn better skills for calming myself.

In this webinar, I share some of the foundational knowledge and tools I’ve discovered over the years in my research, writing, and experience. If you want to check out my formal education, I have a Masters Degree in Nursing and several other trainings you can read about here

Learning to calm and regulate ourselves and our kids is life changing. It builds resilience and gives us the ability to have loving, mutually respectful relationships throughout our lifetime–friendships, spousal partner, parent-child, and employer/employee.

I hope you’ll join us.

What Parents Are Saying About Colleen’s Webinars

“I loved Colleen’s webinar on teens. She had a very organized material that was easy to understand and follow. She also provided great examples and short exercises to work on our situations.”
-Mom of 2 teens

“I recommend this, especially for all parents/guardians to watch together, so you can be on the same page with your strategies. Thanks Colleen!”
-Mom of 2 pre-teens

Will there be a recording? Here’s how that works:

If you are able to attend live, and fill out the feedback form afterwards within 24hr, you will receive the recording and summary notes free of charge. 

If you can’t attend live, you can later buy the summary notes plus the recording of the live session for $20CAD.

Any questions, email me at colleen@colleenadrian.com.
I hope to see you at the event!