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Dear Parent of self-critical, anxious child...

Are you worried because your child frequently criticizes herself, or maybe gives up easily when trying new activities? (E.g., “I hate my hair!” or “I don’t want to do math. I’m terrible at it!”)

Or maybe you notice her following other kids just to be liked, and ignoring her own gifts, because she’s not self-confident enough to be herself…

Have you recently, when she criticized herself, tried to tell her that it’s not true, only to realize that your words and deep compassion for her in that moment didn’t stop the criticism?

What’s more, you probably felt a rising knot of anxiety in your stomach coupled with a heavy heart, because you love her so much and it’s troubling to see her judge herself so harshly.

You wonder where the self-criticism comes from, because you’ve always encouraged her and celebrated her successes; you’ve certainly never called her stupid or told her she’s not good enough at something.

You feel anxious or even a bit panicky when you can’t figure out how to help.

The truth is, when it comes to self-criticism, being told the “facts,” or to change your mindset or “think positive” doesn’t change the pattern.

I know. I’ve tried all of those things and still failed to stop my child from judging himself, or from feeling too anxious to try new activities. My heart sank the first time my son crumpled up his artwork and threw it in the fireplace, and I panicked when I couldn’t seem to stop his growing self-criticism.

However, after studying the current research plus a lot of observing and reflecting, I figured out what I needed to change in my everyday life habits that were creating self-criticism instead of confidence.

When I began to use these new parenting practices, my son’s confidence started to grow (and bonus, mine did too!) He became more willing to try new activities, and to persevere on a project even when he had failed at first.

These days, when he makes a mistake or doesn’t meet the goal he’s striving for, he’s gained enough confidence, self-esteem and resilience to know that it doesn’t mean he’s incapable or stupid or bad. He can muster the motivation and courage to try again.

He’s marching to the beat of his own drum—whether it’s in the clothes he wears or how he expresses his creativity and gifts (right now, it’s through dance and making kombucha!)

let's do it!

Get the tools and practices to end your child’s self-criticism and rebuild his or her self-confidence and self-esteem in my signature 5-week online program, Mentoring for Raising Confident Kids...

  • You get new daily practices that you use to build your child’s self-esteem
  • You feel clear and confident about the parent practices you’re using
  • Your child recognizes her own gifts, and “is herself” despite peer influence
  • Your child has the confidence to try new activities or navigate new social situations, even if she’s a bit nervous
  • Your child develops tenacity to keep going when things get difficult

You know that self-criticism and shaky self-confidence can limit a person for his lifetime, in everything from career to relationships.

This customized program helps parents like you learn practices that build self-confidence in your kids, and once self-esteem begins to grow, the self-criticism drops away naturally.

Mentoring for Raising Confident Kids is right for you if...

You’re baffled...

By your child, who excels at so many things, but still focuses in on the one thing she didn’t excel at and judges herself. It’s painful to watch—and not know how to shift it.

You’re comparing yourself...

To other parents and families whose kids seem more confident, and no matter what strategies you try, your child’s anxiety often stops her from being willing to try new activities. Sometimes you feel like a failure as a parent.

You're upset...

When your child does try new activities, she gets easily discouraged or feels defeated if she doesn’t perform well right away. She may want to quit. She compares herself to others who she sees as performing better than her, and seems to feel inadequate.

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what's included

Here's everything that you receive in Mentoring for Raising Confident Kids:

  • 5 – 75-minute group mentoring calls
  • Email support between calls (because the hard-to-deal-with situations always happen between calls, right?)
  • Solid parenting practices that develop self-confidence and self-esteem in kids (once kids have that, the self-criticism falls away on its own)
  • Language and words to use that build self-confidence, and recommendations for which words to eliminate (because so much of the language that causes self-criticism is considered “normal,” or even “good” parenting.)
  • Personalized guidance to gain insight to where you’re getting stuck, and how shift those patterns in yourself so that you can use your new parenting practices more effectively
  • Written materials with some content and practices, to support your learning
  • A digital copy of my book, Freeing Your Child from Self-Criticism and Perfectionism

"I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from Colleen's Parenting workshop. It was so reassuring to have her expert guidance and appreciated her ability to adapt the material to each family's unique situation. I found it immensely helpful to listen other parents' stories and hear Colleen's perspective because I know some of those situations will likely come up for us in the future. I feel more confident and prepared to navigate the teen years because of Colleen's instruction."

— Carmen Spagnola, Intuitive Coach at Sacred Made Simple

Gain the tools and knowledge for breaking the cycle of self-criticism in your family and for future generations.

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Working with me may resonate even more strongly if:

  • You were a spirited child and possibly a rebellious teen, and when you see signs your child might be headed in that direction, you feel worried (or even panicked)
  • You want to raise your spirited child to be a free-thinking independent human being who’s courageous enough to be himself, yet compassionate and empathetic enough to be respectful of others
  • You are aware of your own Inner Critic and would like to become more compassionate with yourself and less self-critical
  • You love the work of Gordon Neufeld, Gabor Maté, and Brené Brown

Mentoring for Raising Confident Kids is NOT a good fit for you if:

  • Your child is already pretty self-confident
  • You’re not open to learning new perspectives, beliefs and practices
  • You don’t have time for 75-minute weekly calls, or approximately 15 minutes per day to set intentions for your new daily practices and/or do reflective practices when issues arise
about colleen

Colleen Adrian, MN, is a professional writer, speaker, and mentor who specializes in helping parents learn practices to transform their children’s self-criticism into self-confidence.

She’s passionate about discovering practices for supporting children to have the courage to be themselves and express their unique gifts rather than conforming to social pressures. She researches and synthesizes material from various disciplines including psychology, neurophysiology, spirituality, trauma literature, and the 8 shields model, to create fresh new perspectives. She provides one-on-one mentoring for parents and shares free parenting tips on her blog.


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