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Supporting Your Child’s Connection to Intuition

Happy fall! This is one of my favorite times of the year. I love staying home a bit more and eating warming, comfort foods. And the children returning to school–new exciting beginnings of friendships and learning.

Today, I have 2 offerings for you.

The first is about teaching your child to stay connected to his intuition as part of your everyday life activities

The second is an announcement about a local event on the topic of how you get your child out the door in the morning, while also fostering their own inner motivation (instead of exhausting yourself reminding them).

If either of these topics interests you, please read on.

Podcast Interview on Fostering Your Child’s Intuition

The first is a podcast of an interview I did with my friend and colleague Carmen Spagnola, a Professional Intuitive and creator of the online program, The Numinous School of Intuition. We discuss factors that can block your child’s connection to her intuition, and what you can do about it. We also talk about some practical issues such as what to do when your child won’t listen or doesn’t want to clean up his room, and how to find resolution for these conflicts that honors both parent and child needs, but doesn’t rely on using power over them.

Here is the link to the podcast on Carmen’s website. Scroll down to TNP 29.


you can also download the podcast free from iTunes, and listen to it at your convenience while you are walking or driving. Just go to iTunes and search for The Numinous Podcast by Carmen Spagnola. Again, it is TNP 29.


Conscious Parenting Meetups – New!

Secondly, I’m really excited to announce that for those of you living in Victoria, BC, I have started a Conscious Parenting Meetup as a way of creating community and connecting with other likeminded parents who wish to raise their children to live authentic, heart-centered lives. There will be a brief informal educational component, along with lots of opportunity to bring your own stories and challenges for discussion. Discussing our real life challenges with other parents with similar parenting goals can provide a sense of being supported, and not alone, on our parenting journey. The full description of the Meetup can be found here. I’d love to have you join us!

The first meeting will be on October 8th at 7pm, and location details will be posted on the Meetup website later this week. The topic is Getting Your Child out the Door: Fostering Inner Motivation. The full meeting description for October 8th can be found here. Come out to gain clarity and new ideas–leave feeling hopeful, confident and inspired!

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