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Easy Summer Meals + Treats

It’s summer, and I want to spend less time in the kitchen, but I still want delicious meals without sacrificing taste or nutrition. If you are busy, would like to spend less effort in the kitchen AND feel confident that you and your family are getting good nutrition and tasty meals, read on! In my …

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Setting Limits

Setting limits with our children can be one of those sensitive topics on which we have intense feelings about how to do it best for our child, while at the same time, we experience self-doubt and fear when our child resists or behaves inappropriately. We worry about whether he will be liked by others or …

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Christmas Treats

One of the traditions I have always loved about Christmas is making special treats that we don’t eat year-round. So when I discovered that my son and I are sensitive to gluten, dairy, soy and eggs, I wondered how I would create the same feeling of excitement and pleasure we have experienced in the past …

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“You’re Not the Boss of Me!” How to Turn Your Child’s Counterwill into Purpose

Every parent, at one point or another, finds themself stuck in a conflict with their child. That not-so-rare moment when your daughter stands, shoulders squared, hands on hips, and says: “You’re not the boss of me!” She’s right. You’re not her boss. You don’t want to use force to exhibit power over her. It’s not …

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