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Ending Self-Criticism, Building Self-Confidence – FREE presentation

A reminder that this free presentation is coming up this Tuesday evening at 7:30pm. Also, I’ve had a few phone calls this week asking if registration is required. It is not, however, I’d love to know if you’re coming so that I know approximately how many handouts to print. If you haven’t already called me, can you please email me at

The presentation will include key parenting practices for ending self-criticism and building self-confidence, AND some templates with questions to help you apply the knowledge to your parent-child interactions at home.

Here’s a summary:

“We all want our children to have healthy self-esteem. And it can be heart-breaking to see your once-sparkly-eyed child begin to show signs that her confidence is faltering when she:

  • self-criticizes (e.g., “I’m terrible at skating”, “I’m stupid”),
  • becomes easily discouraged,
  • feels defeated before even trying (“I’ll never be able to do that”),
  • is reluctant to try new activities, or
  • easily becomes anxious.

Whether you’re a parent of older kids who feels stymied about how to turn these symptoms around in your child, or a parent of young children who wants to prevent symptoms before they start, this presentation focuses on regular parenting practices that you can use to nurture the seeds of self-esteem and self-confidence that already exist in your child—but just need the right growing conditions to really flourish.”

Click here for details – location, time, parking.

If you’d like to have a cup of tea and prefer not to use styrofoam cups–bring a mug!

Please feel free to share this with any parents, teachers or other folks who work with children.

I hope to see you there!




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