Spirited Children March To The Beat of Their Own Drum

happy teen girl

Sensitive spirited children march to the beat of their own drum. They’re often more intense, respond intensely to having limits set, and may not cooperate easily. In this video I share suggestions  for building a cooperative and connected relationship.

Connected Parenting Spoils a Child: Correcting the Myth

Family in nature

Many people believe that connected parenting spoils a child, and that they end up being poorly behaved or unable to tolerate having limits set by parents and teachers.  I especially hear this from the older generation, who are watching some of the younger generation parents try to learn connected parenting. They see the kids “running …

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Help Your Anxious Child Gain Confidence

How can you help your anxious child gain confidence when they’re reluctant or refusing to do something? Is it possible to build their confidence by pushing them to do it? Or do you empathize and let them off the hook so you don’t ramp up their anxiety? Some current literature suggests that if you let …

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Showing Up for Yourself: The Messy Middle

Image Credit: Unsplash, Giulia Bertelli When you feel as if you’re failing and you want to give up, you may just be in the messy middle, and in that moment, showing up for yourself is vital because this is where the *magic* happens. You know those moments when your child or teen says something angry …

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Staying Connected to your Rebellious Teen

Rebellious teen

I’ve commonly heard parents say that they “dread” the teen years–anticipating rebellion, risky behaviour, and a host of other big energies and emotions. Connecting to your rebellious teen takes new skills, especially if you grew up in an authoritarian home, have past trauma, or were a rebellious teen yourself. I looked forward to parenting a …

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Teaching Your Child Authentic Respect

Is authentic respect from your child “deserved” or “earned”? (And by “authentic” respect, I mean respect that they offer genuinely, without being asked.) I believe that it’s neither deserved or earned, and that both of those beliefs can get in the way of teaching your child authentic respect. Many parents feel (understandably) upset when their …

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Your Child’s Ability to Behave is Reliant on Their Ability to Regulate Emotions

your child's ability to behave is reliant on their ability to regulate emotions

Sometimes we lament: “I’ve told my child a hundred times? Why don’t they learn?” The problem usually lies with an old outdated belief that we’re completely unaware of. Outdated (false) belief:   Once you’ve “taught” your child appropriate behaviour by telling them what they should do, they now “know” it and can use the information …

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