Simple Practices for Busy Parents to Foster Connection over the Holidays

Are you with me in wondering how you’ll get through the holiday season with a pandemic going on? Between having everyone home every day, limited ability to socialize with others, cancelled festivities, and no holiday gatherings with family and friends–it’ll be different for sure, and maybe even daunting in some moments. Whether you have active …

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Learning Connected Parenting: How Long Does It Take?

I want to talk today about the length of time it can take to make changes when you’re first learning how to use connected parenting strategies–especially if you grew up in an authoritarian household, or you had a lot of disconnection or maybe trauma in your family background.  Maybe you look around sometimes and compare …

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Why Kids Lie and What Parents Can Do About It

Children and teens may tell lies for lots of reasons. When kids are little, they’re often exploring the boundary between reality and fantasy. But intentional lies are different. And if you think about it, adults lie sometimes too and we often justify it.

Raising a Child Who Marches to the Beat of Their Own Drum

Colleen Adrian

When you raise your sensitive, spirited child to march to the beat of their own drum, be prepared that their drum rhythm will likely sometimes stretch you to outside of your comfort zone (and maybe even cause you anxiety). I’ve had glimpses of this experience throughout raising my son, but the waves of anxiety got …

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A Key to Creating Empathetic Kids

We often aim to help our kids feel happy, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting that. However, if we want to raise heart-centered empathic human beings, we need to aim for helping them FEEL—all feelings—happiness, sadness, anger, grief, all of them—not only happiness. The ability to feel is what makes children and all humans capable …

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Help, I Yelled! Have I Done Irreparable Damage?

Some of my most despairing parenting moments have been when I yelled, blamed, or criticized my son, and then felt like a complete failure when his face fell, or his shoulders slumped as he realized he didn’t live up to my expectations. I felt crushed, thinking that I might have done irreparable damage. It’s painful …

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Your Calm is Their Calm

Dear Parents:  During this time of stress and change, please care for yourselves well so that your children can feel “calm” and “safety” exuding from you. ♡ With all the changes in our daily lives because of the coronavirus, and many parents finding themselves at home with kids—either trying to work with kids around, or …

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Whose Job Is It Anyways?

It’s always the parent’s (or teacher’s) job to take responsibility for creating connection with a child; it’s never the child’s responsibility to initiate connection. I see this get turned around sometimes, when parents or teachers use a child’s behaviour to justify their own disconnecting actions. For instance, a child speaks “rudely” to the parent or …

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